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Women’s month is such a special celebration for us here at Istorya because we’re an all-women and woman-led company!

We truly believe that after all the generations of struggles that strong women before us went through to get to a point where we can have a voice, become productive members of our society, and even lead businesses and nations – we deserve a whole month of recognition and celebration!  


So, before the month ends, we would like to feature some of the beautiful and empowering stories behind some pieces we made for clients that celebrate the strong, amazing women in their lives. 


A celebration of the homemakers:

My wife has been working for around 5 years. I want [her] to know that we are very thankful to have her, for all the sacrifices that she has done for us. I want her to be happy and to be healthy. We love her very much!

– Vance V.


To my energetic and talented mother-in-law who has since treated me as her own daughter, this legacy bracelet is to commemorate her passion and commitment in putting God and her family first above all else.

-Lourie L.


A celebration of the fearless women:


This is for my sister, @alysjamero, who will be leaving for Japan soon to be a nurse. It’s her first time being away from our family for a long time, and so I chose this design because she’s like a bird finally leaving the nest. We grew up not being apart from family. Our schools and universities had to be nearby, and we didn’t know how to commute until college. This journey is scary for all of us, especially for her, but there’s a bigger part of me that is nothing short of proud of her. – @wildhairoldsoul

-Angela B.


Getting this piece for my friend (and got one for myself too) who will be leaving for South Korea to do her grad studies there. I revisited her email to me when she was doing her missionary work in their church before the pandemic and I was reminded how both of us are doing service, and centering our goals to serve the people albeit in completely opposite approaches and settings. Now that she’s leaving again. I want her to be reminded of this.

-Jona T. 


A celebration of sisterhood:


We’ve known each other for almost a year but it feels like decades already. This is my simple gift to her to show my gratefulness for the sisterhood that we’ve built. I thank God for letting me meet a soul rarer than the rarest gem on earth. She is and will always be my one and only Soul Sister in this lifetime.



Buying this for a friend who’s a doctor and has struggled throughout the pandemic. Just wanted to give her a daily reminder that God is always with her through all of this madness. This also happens to be her favorite bible verse.

-Christian L.


A celebration of the strong women:


CLG is both mine and my mom’s initials. We lost her in death a few months ago and though I know I’ll always be broken moving forward, I want to continue going and growing and creating a life that I know she’ll be proud of. Somehow this locket will feel like I can keep a part of her, and that she’ll always be a part of me. Inside is our photo, and a scripture that represents the role she has unknowingly handed over to me, that being of a capable wife and mother, a role I know I won’t be able to live up to as well as she did. The locket will remind me to keep trying anyway.

-Chiara G.


They are my two children, my eldest and my youngest, who are now my two angels. One I lost right after giving birth and one I lost after his short five months here on earth. I hid their pictures in the deepest storage of my files because looking at them breaks my heart into pieces. I took them out today for this purpose. I live in pain everyday thinking what could have been but there is this glimmer of happiness from the time I carried them in my womb to the time I was able to take care of them, albeit too short. But as I grieve and heal, I take comfort in the thought that perhaps my children love their Inay so, so much they went down here on earth to spend just a little bit of time with me. I will forever carry them in my heart, and this locket is a physical representation of that.

-Karina A.