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Every day, our dads work hard for us, so with Father’s Day around the corner, it’s time we celebrate them hard too! Here are some of the best #KwentongTatay submitted to us. Ready your tissues and brace yourselves for some tear-jerking stories!


The Dads who are raising strong kids on their own


I’m giving this to my daddy on my wedding day. I’m the only child and my mom passed when I was a young girl. My daddy raised me on his own. I want him to know that I’ll always be his baby girl no matter what, even when he’s going to give me away to my groom.


-Ruth C.


This is going to be a father’s day gift for our dad… It has been a rough time for us as our mom joined our Creator a few months ago after battling with cancer for almost 5 years. We all carry her love and memories with us everyday, and we just wanted to give our dad some trinket that physically carries that love and memory.


-Alanice G.


The Dad who showed us what love looks like


When I was a little girl, I remember that Papa was always repairing something at home or out in the fields. 


I never saw my dad drinking or taking a night out with the boys, all he did after work was taking care of his family. And every time Mama was upset he would never say anything, instead would look for ways to lighten her mood, then they stared at each other, beaming big smiles. 


They’ve been together for more than 50 years but they reminded me of newlyweds. It was such a soul-filled love.


This year, at the age of 72, death took Papa away from her. And I couldn’t imagine how painful it was to her. Her loving and caring husband, a good father to us, their children.


I’ll be giving her this piece as a reminder of Papa’s presence. That he’s still watching over her, lovingly & proudly smiling for her resilience and strength.


-Jezza S.


The Dad who’s also our best friend


He is my uncle but He is more than just a father and uncle to me, He is my best friend. My partner in crime. My hero. More than 3 years ago, He turned to be My angel. Back then, an angel without wings choose to take care of me for the past 22 years of his life and that Angel still guiding me when He got his wings. To my angel, I owe you a lot. I would not be who I am today if it were not for you. I will always love you from heaven and back.


-Abigail A.


The Dad that breaks generational traumas


He was a product of a failed abortion. He was molested when he was just a young boy. He grew up without a dad and only met him when he was already 14. He struggled with a lot growing up.


But here he is, a husband who loves genuinely, serves wholeheartedly, and leads our family according to what honors the Lord. He’s the kind of father who peppers our 1yr old son with kisses, and hugs, and tickles. 


He’s the kind of dad who always makes time and would stop whatever he’s doing when our son calls him to ask for help. He’s the kind of dad who would willingly turn the house upside down just to look for a lizard because our son asks to see one. 


He is an imperfect dad like everyone else is, but he is the perfect fit for our family.  


-Liane B.


The Dad who taught us kindness


My dad told us to always be kind. Don’t think of anything in return because somebody above will do it for you. Though he might be gone, his legacy and wisdom will remain forever in our hearts.


-Gem C.


The Dad who’s also our favorite driver


I lost my Dade last May and he was always excited to see me drive. He even bought me my first car before he left — and now, I want this pic of us to be with me every time I drive the car he gave me. 


Also, this will serve a reminder for me how he always drove for me before when I was young, bringing me to/from my school <3 Driving with you always, DADE!

-Kath A.


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