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Symbolizing unity, the layered discs in the Amore necklace may go well on its own, but together makes an even more beautiful and elegant design that can be personalized with names of your family members or phrases close to your heart. The Amore discs can be a mixture of metal colors, made of copper, brass, and aluminum, or single-colored metal discs, with your choice of either a gold-plated stainless steel chain or a simple silver-toned stainless steel chain.

Amore Specifications Size:
1st disc: 12 mm
2nd: 16 mm
3rd: 19 mm
4th: 22 mm
Chain: 18 inches

Disc Finish Options: Smooth or Hammered Finish
Flat or Domed Disc Shape

Back stamping: Allowed (with additional cost)

Chain Upgrades Available:
Gold tone: Gold-filled Chain
Silver tone: Sterling silver Chain


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