Classic Leather Bracelet


Disclaimer: Photos on the left are for reference and not the actual item you will receive.

Produced out of creativity to recreate something out of an old leather bag, the Classic Leather Bracelet is a well-crafted piece that is both nifty and classy.

It can be engraved with your name, a word you’d like to remind yourself with, or even a short phrase representing love, faith or friendship.

Classic Leather Specifications
Regular: 6 – 7.5 inches
Large: 6.5 – 8 inches

Classic Leather Additional Options
*Max of two-line stamping
*Character limit applies

Leather Color Options:
Black, Dark Brown, Tan

Metal Options:
Brass, Copper, Aluminum

Metal Finish Options:
Smooth, Textured, Aged


Additional Options


Other customization instructions

For customization options not found in this page, please specify them here. This may incur additional charges which will be charged to you separately.