Mateo Bracelet


Disclaimer: Photos on the left are for reference and not the actual item you will receive.

A leather bracelet designed with utmost sophistication, the Mateo bracelet caters to both men and women who want a more refined touch in Istorya’s classic leather strap bracelet, with its beautifully crafted cords and magnetic ball lock.

The Mateo rings can be a mixture of metal colors, made of copper, brass, and aluminum, or single-colored metals.

Mateo Specifications
*We suggest measuring the wearer’s wrist, but for instances when it’s a surprise gift, here are the possible sizes to choose from:
Size: Small: 7 inches
Medium: 7.5 inches
Large: 8 inches
Extra Large: 8.5 inches
*we add an allowance of .5 inches for snug fit.

Mateo Additional Options
Ring Options:
Set A: 2 Thick Rings
Set B: 3 Thin Rings
*Max of 5 thin rings or 3 thick rings

Metal Options:
Brass, Copper, Aluminum

Leather Cord Options:
Komodo (black)
Maharlika (deep brown)
Mohogany (red brown)
Terracota (tan)
Sahara (light gray)

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Other customization instructions

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