• Round Vow Dish in Copper
  • Round Vow Plate in Silver
  • Square Vow Plate in Gold
  • Round Vow Dish in Gold
  • Square Vow Dish in Silver



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Weddings are incredibly beautiful celebrations of love and commitment. Istorya’s Vow Dish was created with the intent to preserve that breathtaking, genuine, and magical feeling in every couple’s wedding. And when the lights and music fade, and marriage hits centerstage, we want the Vow Dish to serve as a reminder of every couple’s unconditional love for each other.

Although more popular on weddings, the Vow Dish is suited with any vow of love you’d like to make—whether it be for your parents, or your children.

Vow Dish Specifications
Height and Length : 5 inches
Round: 5 inches diameter
*Size can be adjusted to accommodate wordings

Vow Dish Additional Options
Accent options:
Banner Square, Rectangle, Heart, Oblong

Tags Metal Options:
Brass, Copper, Aluminum

Metal Finish Option:
Smooth, Textured, Aged

*Character limit applies

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Other customization instructions

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