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Ysidra Cuff


Disclaimer: Photos on the left are for reference and not the actual item you will receive.

Named after Joanna’s mom, Mommy Ysidra, which means gift of the goddess from its Greek Origin, the Ysidra cuff bracelet manifests royalty and class. Ysidra also means freedom for some, and staying true to its name, Istorya’s Ysidra cuff bracelet gives you the freedom to own it with words, numbers, or symbols which speak of your soul.

It’s also a perfect gift to tell someone “I like you” or “I believe in you”, in an extraordinary way that will remind them of that moment whenever they hold this piece close to their heart.

Ysidra Cuff Specifications Size:
Cuff is open at the back and is adjustable

Ysidra Cuff Additional Options

*Can accommodate hidden message stamping
*Character limit applies

Disc Finish Options:
Smooth or Hammered

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